The premium courier services offered by India post are speed post and Ems speed post, in terms of shipping mail, critical papers, logistics, and other things. Both speed post and Ems speed post services are dependable and trustworthy. These are well renowned for their quick, free pickup and delivery services that are both safe and on schedule. The fact that these firms offer the best services and quality services. Book now pay later is one of its best features.

The most well-known and reliable courier services in India are provided by Speed Post. Speed Post is continuously enhancing its services, such as parcel delivery on schedule and the shipping of packages for online purchases. In addition, online speed post tracking tools are being upgraded to offer precise document, banking, and other status information. The precise Ems speed post tracking status of clients’ packages may be found with the speed post tracking service. For clients’ businesses, this website is really beneficial.

About Speed Post

One of the divisions of The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s is the department of Indian Postal Services. On October 1st, 1854, the department of Indian postal service was established. It serves numerous Indian citizens and enterprises as the country’s top, dependable, and professional mail delivery service provider. India Post’s postal delivery services, such as speed post, Ems speed post, registered post, express parcel, business parcel, logistics post, and others, are its top offerings.

The India Post is also providing unique services including banking, insurance, retail, logistics and more. It provides one of the best real-time Ems speed post tracking tools available online. You may obtain the most recent details on your shipment with this speed post tracking or any other tracking feature offered by India Post.

Since the past 28 years, speed post has dominated the domestic market. Utilizing this mail, you can expand your company nationally. Best on-time delivery, zero percent theft, and no shortages. Its goal is to give the best fast delivery mail service both in India and globally. For this, the department of posts has a dedication, a broad reach, organizational development, an IT-enabled infrastructure, and brand development. Additionally, timely and safe delivery reduces the cost of services while increasing efficiency.

It offers mufti technology services in the Indian and global markets with a focus on the needs of the customer. It excels in each activity and strives to provide consumers with value-based services, including businesses, employees, bankers, students, and others. Effective, dependable, and timely services are provided to clients. Customers are its top priority. The management, infrastructure, and information technology are of the highest caliber.

speed post tracking

About Ems Speed Post

With the goal of offering consumers services that are of the highest caliber and competitively priced worldwide, this organization was founded in 1998. It provides documents and goods with express international postal mail services. The network is kept up to date globally, and about 191 nations are established. Furthermore, raises the level of customer service excellence.

Customers can check on the status of their shipments at any time thanks to its excellent web-based Ems speed post tracking system. The real-time updates are available to customers via website, SMS, and email. Fast, precise, and effective deliveries are supported by Ems Speed Post on a global scale. Their primary quality of dependability is that they reliably and timely deliver the consignments. Until the package is received by the recipient, they give all the information about the shipment.

The most talented, devoted, and devoted employees work with Ems Speed Post. In managing the big cargoes, they are pros. Until the parcel is delivered to the customer safely, they continue to work. High-quality customer service is their main priority. The company’s network is global and operational around-the-clock. On a timely, accurate, and cost-effective basis, they offer their services to the clients. In addition to customs clearance, this organization provides a wide range of international door-to-door services. They provide a supportive environment, which has aided numerous customers in expanding their businesses.

ems speed post tracking

Key Differences between Speed Post and Ems Speed Post

The India Speed post parcels was actually established with the aim of quickly, securely, and safely delivering mail to every location in India. However, this mail has a partnership with Ems for international shipping, which uses this to transport packages to many nations. They fundamentally vary in this way.

For industries and documentation, both are the premium, time-sensitive international postal service. Every time the valued customer wishes to ship a package, they can do it at any of the offices or international locations with booking counters that are relevant. In major cities and metropolises, the ticket counters are open till late in the evening.

The person in charge will give you a booking confirmation when you’ve ordered the items. The top speed post tracking tool features are available both via SMS and the online. Using the 13-digit barcode that is printed on the reservation receipt, you can access the most recent speed post tracking information. The booking article’s weight limit of 35 kg is one of the key elements. Lower limits may apply depending on the country. The packet, article, or consignment cannot be larger than 1.5 meters in any one dimension and 3 meters in total, measured from the center of the item in a direction other than the length of the item.

Articles Prohibited by Ems Speed Post and Speed Post

The listings of papers that have been rejected are provided below:

  • Obscene and indecent prints are not permitted.
  • The following items are prohibited: engraving, lithography, books, cards, and paintings.
  • You cannot bring in anything that is hazardous, combustible, explosive, toxic, or detrimental.
  • Seditious, impolite language, malicious threats, obscene, and extremely insulting nature.
  • A variety of living things.
  • Advertisements, tickets for the lottery, and proposals are not permitted.

Special Features of Ems Speed Post and Speed Post

Following are the features of each service:

  • Vast network of offices that are entirely computerized.
  • A sizable fleet of vehicles that are fully containerized.
  • Swiftness, security, dependability, and safety.
  • Value-added services for the clients and value for the money.
  • Team that is strong, committed, and dedicated.
  • To provide seamless and effective services, a committed crew works around the clock in several places.
  • Hubs that are secure and well-equipped.
  • Give Customer package more attention.
  • Customer service that is committed.
  • Utterly happy customers.
  • There are services for cash on delivery and delivery proof.
  • In large cities, services for late pickup and on Sundays are available.
  • Low costs and prompt delivery.
  • A speed post tracking status check is available 24 hours a day via internet and SMS.
  • Your package will arrive on time, guaranteed.
  • It is a service that is address-specific.
  • It is customary to keep records.
  • Fast postal service is what it is.
  • Delivery service that is time-bound.
  • The questions will be answered by trained customer service representatives.
  • Transportation that is highly valuable and efficient.
  • It will be quick and accurate to distribute articles.
  • The availability of delivery services between airports is good.
  • The customer’s door can be reached by delivery services from the airport.
  • Customers can request delivery services to be made to any of their doors.
  • A customer’s door to the airport can be reached via delivery services.

In both India and the rest of the world, both providers have the biggest and broadest networks. They also offer their clientele services that are worth their money. The Ems speed post tracking mechanism they use is the finest for both web and SMS. The delivery status of the item can be determined using this system, as well as the speed post tracking status and any other India Post tracking information. In addition, these services are responsive, dependable, and serve as a conduit between the public and other industries.

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