Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Wholly Owned Subsidiary is that company which is completely owned by another company which is commonly known as the parent company or holding company. In India, a Foreign company can set up its wholly owned subsidiary as a private limited company or as a public limited company. To establish a wholly owned subsidiary in india requires legal services which are provided by Go Company at very basic price.

Salient Features

  • When a foreign company makes 100% F.D.I. in an Indian Company whose main purpose was this F.D.I. is Wholly Owned Subsidiary.
  • Regulations of Wholly Owned Subsidiary is done under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary have permission for all type of business activities such as manufacturing, marketing etc.
  • The wholly owned subsidiary is treated as domestic company and is allowed to have all the exemptions and deductions enjoyed by the Indian companies.


  • The parent company have operational and strategic control over its subsidiary.
  • In wholly owned subsidiary, you can establish common operating processes.
  • Cost synergies is possible in Wholly Owned Subsidiary.
  • The parent company controls the assets of its wholly owned subsidiary and can invest them as it sees fit.


  • It’s expensive to establish a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • Establishing relationship between the supplier and customers is time taking.
  • Finding skilled employees for work and manage these wholly owned subsidiary can be very difficult.
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Process to Set up a Wholly Owned Subsidiary


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