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Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company is a limited company whose share can be freely sold and trade in public with some minimum share capital. We at Go Company provides the best services needed for the registration of limited company in India. All the procedure required to register a public limited company will be taken care by our well experienced team of experts. All type of services needed for maintenance and start of public limited company are provided by us at very affordable prices.

Salient Features

  • Public Limited Company allows shareholders to transfer their shares.
  • There should be minimum 7 members in a Public Limited Company.
  • No limit is there for maximum members for a Public Limited Company.
  • It proposes the general public to subscribe to the shares.
  • No minimum requirement is there for a Public Limited Company.


  • Public Limited Company has Limited Liability.
  • Status of the owner does not affect the business.
  • The minimum number of shareholders required to start a Public Limited Company is three.
  • Capital can be easily raised as there is no limit for the maximum number of shareholders.
  • The scope of expansion is higher as its very easy to raise capital from the financial institutions with the advantage of limited liability.
  • A Public Limited Company can get itself listed on any stock exchange.


  • Public Limited Company is difficult to manage and control.
  • More demanding compliance is to be done with the registrar of the companies as compared to Private Limited Company.
  • Public Limited Company don’t enjoy the status of a small company even when the paid up capital is less than 50 lakhs.
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Process to Set up a Public Limited Company


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