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One Person Company

One Person Company is the combination of Sole-Proprietor and Company form of business. We at Go Company provides various services for one person company registration. If you want to open one person company in india then you can contact our experts who will provide all the services needed for incorporation of one person company.

Salient Features

  • One Person Company should have at least one shareholder.
  • One Person Company needs at least one director.
  • Both the director and the shareholder can be same person in One Person Company.
  • There should be minimum one nominee in One Person Company.
  • One Person Company have no minimum requirement for the share capital.


  • The director of the One Person Company can sign all the financial statements alone.
  • In One Person Company the cash flow statements are not mandatory part of the financial statements.
  • For One Person Company, its not mandatory to hold AGM.
  • The One Person Companies with one director are exempted from holding the board meetings.
  • When compared to public companies, the One Person Company requires few compliances with the registrar of the companies.
  • One Person Company enjoys the status of small company.


  • No cost benefit is provided to One Person Company, which is the reason, why people prefer Private Limited Company.
  • A person is not eligible for nominee of or to incorporate more than a One Person Company.
  • Minors are not allowed to be nominee or member of One Person Company.
  • Issue of shares cannot be use for raising money in One Person Company.
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Process to Set up a One Person Company


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  • For Basic
    • 1. Incorporation
    • 2. PAN
    • 3. TAN
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    • 2. First Year TDS F...
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