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Business Support Services

In order to save our clients from any legal hassles, we provide the Business Support Services. These services help client enormously through the legal associates, lawyers and industry specific consultants. When our clients avail services form our firm, they get the best possible legal support services by our well experienced team of professionals. We provide the best advisory services and review of compliances under certain key business and corporate laws that includes SEBI Act, Companies Act, Stock Exchange formalities, Reserve Bank of India Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Service Tax and various industrial laws. We not only provide the incorporation services but also provide support our clients for the day to day issues their business commonly confront. All the efforts commonly required such as pragmatic, commercial approach using benefits of a lawyer’s way of thinking and most common of all is stress testing.

Client Services

We provide services to our clients in the following areas :

Corporate Secretarial Services

In this area, we provide complete peace of mind to our clients by carrying out company secretarial duties for them. We also audit and assess the regulatory compliance processes, compliance concerns and propose the mandatory improvements appropriate for successfully satisfying regulatory mandates. On the advisory panel of Go Company, we have the well-known and experienced advocates.


Services Provided are: -

  • Formation of Company.
  • Preparing and filing the statutory returns with ROC that will include Annual Returns via form AOC-4, MGT-7 etc.
  • Preparing the documents related to the minutes and resolutions.
  • Provide assistance for the preparation of statutory books.
  • Provide advisory on the company law, joint venture, share purchase and acquisition procedure.
  • Help provided for conducting Board and General Meetings.
  • Services provided for the drafting of the minutes of the meetings.
  • Maintenance of the record and registers for the company required under the Companies Act 2013.
  • Assistance provided for winding-up of the companies.
  • Provide management of the proceedings of bankruptcy and provide advice under the regulations of “Sick Industries”.

Corporate laws Advisory

  • Advisory provided on the licensing and the other technology transactions.
  • Assistance provided for strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing and other partnering transactions.
  • Advisory provided on the acquisitions of the specialized assets.
  • For restructuring and recapitalization, assistance is provided.
  • Matters related to the company law procedures.
  • Registrations and formation of the Joint Venture.
  • Recovery proceedings of Debt.
  • Board cases of Company Law.
  • Matters related to Economy Offence.
  • Permissions related to FII and FDI.
  • Matters related to Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Matters related to Foreign Exchange.
  • Matters related to Customs.
  • Approval of Government.
  • Government Liaison Work.
  • Matters related to pollution.



Services provided for following type of audits: -

  • Internal Audit
  • Management Audit
  • Information Systems Security and Control Audit
  • Statutory Audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Forensic Audit

SEBI and Stock Exchange Compliances

Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Ministry of Corporate Affairs primarily regulates the securities Market in India. To guide the activities of the market players there are special regulations, guidelines, rules and circulars. There is a need for every listed company to comply with the entire legal framework and establish the Compliance Management Systems.

To navigate the securities laws, there is requirement of experienced professionals because they are very complex. Indeed, non-compliance with the applicable securities laws could result in serious adverse consequences, including the right of rescission for the fines and penalties, security holders (i.e. the right to get their money back), injunctive relief and possible criminal prosecution.

Services Provided are: -

  • Provide assistance for Arbitral proceeding with stock exchange.
  • Representations related to SEBI Regulations in front of SEBI/SAT and other adjudicating authorities.
  • Assistance provided for the compliance of SEBI Takeover Code.
  • Assistance provided for the preparation of roadmap.
  • Preparing restated financials so that they can be included in the offer documents issued to public.
  • Seed Capital Financings
  • Secretarial Audit Certificate for reconciliation of the physical and Demat share.

FEMA - RBI Compliances

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is the legislation which governs the foreign currency in India. The main Aim of FEMA is to facilitate external trade, balance the payments, promote the orderly development and maintain the foreign exchange market in India.

Go Company provides services to investors for facilitating their investment in India which includes advice provided on the investment strategy, consultation for doing business outside India, obtaining permissions to set up office that includes assistance provided for Joint Ventures and handling the other routine compliances.

Go company expertise in the setup, reporting, taking government approvals, filing with the authority and all related aspect of support. Salary structuring, accounting and tax support are the part of the wreath services provided to the clients. Specific advices related to RBI matters are also provided.

In India there is a huge penalty on the violation of FEMA and RBI Regulations and we at Go Company provides following services related to FEMA and RBI: -

  • Guideline provided for External Commercial Borrowing (ECB).
  • Assistance provided for filing of Intimations, statutory forms and returns, getting permission under various provisions of FEMA.
  • Advices given on the International Transactions coming under FEMA Double Taxation Agreements (DTA).
  • Assistance provided for obtaining import and export code (IEC).
  • To recover income and assets from India, Chartered Accountant certificate is provided.
  • Applications to RBI for sale and purchase of the shares, debentures and security residents for both Indian residents and NRI.
  • Applications to RBI for purchase and sale of the commercial and residential properties.
  • Partnership setup with NRI’s or person with Indian Origin.
  • Assistance provided for retrieving various SIA/FIPB approvals, RBI approvals and other regulatory approvals.
  • Advice provided for the permitted inbound and outbound investments.
  • Assistance in set up of companies inside or outside india.
  • Assistance provided for the establishment of various types of offices in india or foreign companies.

Consultant For Direct Taxation


  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Tax Audit
  • Advisory and Return Filing for Tax deduction at source.
  • Provide Tax consultancy, legal advisory and opinions.
  • Filing and preparation of Income Tax Returns.
  • Tax planning opportunities advices.
  • Remittances and Certifications -15CB’s advice.
  • Low TDS approvals, tax clearances, assessments, refunds and appeals.


  • Cross border transactions advices.
  • Double tax treaties advices.
  • International structuring for corporate, trust structures and wealth generations.
  • Resolution of international tax dispute.
  • International companies’ taxation planning and assessment in India.


  • Documentation, analysis and study of Transfer Pricing.
  • Arm Length Pricing and appropriate method selection.
  • Reports of Transfer Pricing.
  • Transfer Pricing Certificate
  • Representation of Transfer Pricing Audit Cases in front of Transfer Pricing Office/ Appellate Authorities.
  • Advance Pricing.

Consultant for Indirect Taxation


  • Routine Compliances such as periodic return filing, determining service tax liability and availability of service tax credit.
  • Consultancy and Advisory Services.
  • Amendment and Registration of Service Tax.
  • Health check of Service Tax.
  • Litigation services.
  • Tribunal level representation services.
  • Assistance provided for Departmental Service Tax Audit service.
  • Advisory services for VAT, CST and other local taxes.
  • Registration and Amendment of VAT and CST.
  • VAT/CST health checkup.
  • Provide support for assessments of VAT, CST and other Entry Taxes.


  • Reviewing appointment letters and salary structure.
  • Preparation and submission of the Income Tax Return.
  • Advice provided on the issue of taxes.
  • Getting income tax clearance from the tax authorities.


  • Representation of Assessment representation in front of Income Tax officers.
  • Proceeding’s appeal in front of CIA(A).
  • Representation and assistance provided for Advance Ruling.
  • Assistance provided for the preparation of the case for proceeding in High Court or Supreme Court of India.


  • Advices.
  • Drafting Will.
  • Trusteeship services provided for the private trust.
  • Estate Management.
  • Will’s administration.
  • Family Offices.

Financial Accounting Solution

The information about an organization’s economic activities is provided by accounting. Accounting is basically being used for decision making as basis. This provides information about the important questions such as:

  • What are the resources of the organization?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • What debts does it owe?
  • How do its operating expenses compare with its revenue?

Attorney and Solicitor Services

We satiate our self in providing the Attorney and Solicitor Services. We provide advices on corporate offences, white collar crime and minimizing exposure to regulatory action. On the aspects of disclosure documents obligations, advices are given or provided on complying with orders for discovery and inspection, privilege issues for such disclosure, disclosure of revenue and tribunals, data protection request and queries related to Freedom of Information.


Services we provide: -

  • Compliance with Economic and Corporate laws.
  • Opinion provided on corporate and economic laws or other complex legal issues.
  • Drafting of legal documents such as notices, petition, deeds etc.
  • Holding of sessions on Litigation risk management, e-discovery, disclosure obligations and management of investigations at client’s seminars regularly.
  • Agreements of venture, MOU’s, Takeover, Merger and implementation of agreement.

Other Services

We handle all kinds of Corporate Law Practice, Corporate Law Services, and Company Law Services in India and abroad. We assist you in all aspects of starting, maintaining and expanding your business. This includes incorporation, business name registrations, establishing corporate structures and dealing with reorganization.

We are experienced in all facets of shareholder and partnership agreements and financial planning, as well as purchase and sale, mergers and other contractual matters.

Our legal team provides comprehensive corporate law services to business clients. Our business lawyers are highly experienced in a broad range of corporate practice areas.

We offer each client comprehensive, practical legal advice. Our lawyers work closely with you to offer personalized legal services that meet your business needs.

Scope of work we covered-

  1. Consumer Protection Laws and other legal and regulatory compliance.
  2. Banking Law services such as handling and attending of complex matters in courts and tribunals pertaining to debt recovery, litigation of recovery of loans etc.
  3. Corporate finance - including public and private capital raisings, venture capital, debt financing.
  4. Labour and employment Law services like drafting employment contracts, advising employers on their rights, duties and obligations under general law relating to employment, advising employees of their rights, resolution of labour-employer disputes, Handling and attending cases before labour courts and appellate tribunals.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights viz Trademarks, Copyright, Patent and Designs.
  6. Employee stock option and other incentive plans
  7. Company formation, reconstruction, joint ventures, partnerships and shareholders agreements
  8. Mergers and acquisitions
  9. Due diligence
  10. Corporate Transactions
  11. Mergers & acquisitions
  12. Financings
  13. Licensing and other technology transactions
  14. Debt transactions
  15. Strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing and other partnering transactions
  16. Acquisitions of specified assets
  17. Leveraged buy-outs
  18. Divestitures and dispositions
  19. Restructurings and recapitalizations
  20. Company Formation (Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, Public limited Company etc.,)
  21. Company Law procedural matters
  22. Joint Venture Formation and Registration
  23. Debt Recovery proceedings (Civil Suits, Winding up proceedings, Criminal action etc.,)
  24. Company Law Board Cases
  25. Economic offences related matters
  26. FII, FDI related Permissions
  27. Reserve Bank of India related matters
  28. Foreign Exchange related matters
  29. Customs related matters
  30. Government Approvals
  31. Government Liaison work
  32. Pollution related matters
  33. Setting up of unit in SEZ


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