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Liaison Office/ Representative Office

Liaison Office or Representative Office is the office that acts as a channel of communication between the head office of the foreign company and the parties in india. All the services needed for the representative office registration are provided by Go Company experts at very affordable price. Any foreign company can open a representative office in india.

Salient Features

  • Name of the Liaison Office and the Parent company should be same.
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the governing body for the license of the Liaison Office.
  • Liaison office with the Indian clients is best for the foreign companies looking to set up a temporary office in India.
  • Liaison office is the extension of an existing company in foreign country, so it doesn’t have any ownership.
  • The expenses of Liaison office are handled by the head office i.e. the funds are received from the account of Head Office.
  • The license of the Liaison office is renewed after every 3 years as it is given for 3 years only.


  • There is set up cost for Liaison office and then few ongoing formalities.
  • Operations become easy in Liaison Office.
  • Less formalities are required.
  • The closure process for Liaison Office is simple.
  • The transaction occurring between the Liaison office and the Parent Office need not to follow the regulations of Transfer Pricing (TP).


  • Liaison office cannot borrow or lend money or accepts deposits.
  • To acquire, hold, transfer or dispose of any immovable property in India, Liaison Office will need prior approval of RBI.
  • Regular returns should be filed to RBI by the Liaison Office.
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Process to Set up a Liaison Office/ Representative Office


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