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Joint Venture Company

Joint venture company is an arrangement in which two or more parties co-operate to run a business. Any foreign company can invest in an Indian company through joint venture company. We at Go Company have well experienced professionals for drafting the joint venture agreements without any issue. Our team is available round the clock to provide services required for joint venture in india.

Salient Features

  • In joint venture company, the contribution of money, efforts, knowledge, skills, property or other assets by partners is for same undertaking.
  • Joint Venture Company gives you right to share in property.
  • Right of mutual control or management of enterprise is provided by Joint Venture Company.


  • Joint venture company have leveraging resources.
  • Joint venture exploits the capabilities and expertise.
  • There is sharing of liabilities in Joint ventures.
  • In Joint Venture, you can share the cost and risk with your partner.


  • Forming a right relationship is time taking and requires efforts.
  • Difference in the style of business and the culture can lead to poor co-operation.
  • Business can be affected by the lack of communication between the partners in the Joint Venture.
  • Business can collapse due to the lack of assumption of responsibilities by the partners.
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Process to Set up a Joint Venture Company


Select from the following packages :

  • For Basic
    • 1. Incorporation
    • 2. PAN
    • 3. TAN
    • $800
  • For Standard
    • Basic +
    • 1. Income Tax Return
    • 2. First Year TDS F...
    • 3. Annual Activity ...
    • $1,200
  • For Premium
    • Basic + Standard +
    • 1. Auditors Appoint...
    • 2. Stationery Print...
    • 3. First Year Annua...
    • 4. Shareholders Agr...
    • $1,600

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