Foreign Owners

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Non residents are provided with enormous opportunities to begin their business in India.

Opportunities for Foreign Owners

In past few years India has become the most engaging destination for the investments like owing favorable government policies and reforms. Recently, India has become the most promising destination for investment for foreign companies looking to do business. We at Go Company are there to assist you in setting up your own business in India.

As a part of an organization, a company needs to be registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013. The company can be registered as either Private limited company or public limited company.

If a Foreign National invests in a company in India, then the compliance with the regulations prescribed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Bank is necessary.

According to the policy framed by the Government of India from time to time, RBI approves a business to be done by any Foreign National.

Type of companies

Foreign companies can make investments or operate their business in a number of ways as given below: