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Co-operative Society

Cooperative Society is association of people who are united deliberately to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and passion through a jointly owned and democratically controlled business. Services required for registration of cooperative society are provided by Go Company at very affordable prices. We provide all the services needed for starting of cooperative society in india.

Salient Features

  • Co-operative society is a voluntary organization.
  • The minimum number of members required to form a co-operative society is 10.
  • There is no limit for the maximum number of members for co-operative society.
  • It is compulsory to register co-operative society.
  • In co-operative society, the liability of every member is limited to the extent of his capital contribution in the society.
  • If the member of the co-operative society wants to withdraw its membership, then the shares are not transferred but are returned to society.
  • The death, insolvency and retirement of members do not affect the existence of the co-operative society as it’s a legal entity.


  • Co-operative Society have great amount of capital.
  • Co-operative Society have reasonable price with good quality and better service.
  • The services provided to the employees is better in co-operative society.
  • Existence of co-operative society is not affected by condition of members.
  • Co-operative society have limited liability.
  • Co-operative society have stability and continuity.


  • Resources in co-operative society is limited.
  • Management of co-operative society is inefficient.
  • There is lack of secrecy in co-operative society.
  • In co-operative society there is excessive interference of government.
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Process to Set up a Co-operative Society


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  • For Basic
    • 1. Registration of ...
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    • 1. PAN
    • 2. TAN
    • 3. Opening of bank ...
    • Rs. 36,999
  • For Premium
    • Basic + Standard +
    • 1. Income Tax Return
    • Rs. 42,999

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