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Branch Office

The foreign companies that are engaged in manufacturing and trading activities are allowed to set up their branch office in india with the approval of Reserve Bank. For branch office registration in india, you will need help of well qualified and experienced professionals. We at Go Company have a team of experts for every incorporation service you will need.

Salient Features

  • The activities of Branch Office and the Parent Company should be same.
  • For setting up the Branch Offices, the permission is granted by Foreign Exchange Department, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office and Mumbai through authorized dealers.
  • While considering the Application for a Project Office, the track record of the applicant, existing trade relations with india and financial position of the company is checked by the RBI.


  • The Branch Office can repatriate the profit earned by generating the revenue from the sales in local market to the Parent Foreign Company.
  • From the business operations in India and the receipt from the parent company, funding is possible for Branch Office.


  • Manufacturing activities can be carried on only through the means of the company which is incorporated in india not through the Branch Office.
  • Foreign Company‚Äôs Branch Office is taxed at higher rate of corporate income tax than the domestic company in India.
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